The Saturn 1, oft-forgotten younger sibling of the venerable Saturn 1B, was used by NASA early in the space race to test the Apollo CSM in low earth orbit. It has the distinction of being the first US launch vehicle not derived from an ICBM.

Liftoff of Saturn I flight SA-5

The Saturn 1/1B due have always been fascinating to me, largely due to their unique clustering of tanks in the first stage and their unique place in the Space Race.

Flying model and high power rockets with my dad has been a hobby we've enjoyed since I was a little kid, but almost all the rockets we fly together he built. Enter my idea to build a Saturn 1.

The Rocket

I knew I that for complicated shape like this, I would need to involve one of my favorite tools: my 3d printer.  In addition, my least favorite part of any rocket build has always been attaching the fins. Most builds typically involve plywood fins you have to carefully attach and align. I decided instead to 3d print the entire fin can.

3d printed adapters were made to connect all the disparate body tubes. Several hours of filling, gluing and sanding later, we have a completed rocket!